New Club(s)

Alumni clubs/associations are formed in two ways: a group of Howard University alumni take the initiative; or the Department of Alumni Relations makes the initial organizing step by encouraging a local group or professional association. In both instances the Department provides all the necessary technical assistance.

In a location where at least ten Howard University alumni agree to organize an alumni club, the Department of Alumni Relations will:

Provide the organizing group with a suggested constitution and helpful program suggestions.
When possible, mail an initial letter to all potential members, inviting them to join in the local organizing efforts.
When possible, send a representative of the Department of Alumni Relations or a Regional Chair/Representative to the organizational meeting.
Supply other information that the Department identifies as helpful in the initial stages of organizing.

Meeting of a Steering Committee

Once the original nucleus of interested Howard University alumni has been arranged as a Steering Committee and a meeting is set, the following steps might be taken:

Elect a temporary chairman to preside until regular club officers are elected.
Decide upon a date, time and place for an organizational meeting. All Howard University Alumni in the area should be invited to this meeting.*
Request that the Department of Alumni Relations send each alumnus in the area an announcement about the initial meeting and an invitation to attend.*
Where there are a limited number of alumni in a community, the meeting of the Steering Committee may also be the initial organizational meeting.
The temporary chairman should appoint: (a) A nominating Committee to prepare a slate of officers to be presented at the initial meeting; (b) A Constitution Committee to prepare a basic form of organization for the club (this form may be adapted from the suggested Constitution) (c) Other persons to cover the arrangements for the organizational meeting to follow up the Department's written notices with telephone calls and personal contacts, and to plan a brief but interesting program.

Organizational Meeting

Conduct an organizational meeting for all Howard University alumni in the area.

Discuss the purposes of an alumni club/association.
Introduce the chairman of the temporary Nominating Committee and hear the Committee's report. After the slate has been presented, others present should be permitted to nominate candidates if they so desire.
Elect officers.
Present the constitution prepared by the committee assigned by the temporary chairman and vote on its approval.
Obtain the names of persons willing to serve on standing committees as designated by the new constitution.
Discuss club finances.
Decide on a date, time and place for the next meeting.
Allow sufficient time for a fellowship period at which refreshments are served.

Follow up to the Organizational Meeting

Send a report of that meeting to the Department of Alumni Relations. Include the names of the officers, charter members and the original copy of the adopted constitution. Request recognition as a constituent club and a charter from the HUAA.
Give the story of the proceedings to the local newspaper.
Send a brief report of the club's organization to area alumni who could not attend this first meeting.

Proceed now as an organized Howard University Alumni Club.

For more information contact the Department of Alumni Relations
(202) 806-5857
(202) 806-5857