HUAA Membership

Membership in the Howard University Alumni Association is one way to maintain a lifelong connection to alma mater while helping to strengthen Howard's position as a world premier institution of higher learning.

While membership provides essential support (student recruitment and financial contribution) for Howard University, it also gives alumni various ways to stay connected, such as participation in a network of clubs and societies. Members also receive exclusive benefits, from access to the university library system, to discounts on bookstore purchases and car rentals, to voting privileges in HUAA elections.

All graduates and honorary degree recipients of Howard University are eligible for membership. Former students who completed at least one year of studies at the university (and withdrew in good standing) are also eligible for membership. Faculty and staff of Howard University and spouses of members are eligible to become Associate Members of the Association.

Howard University Alumni Association dues are $40 annually. Local club dues may vary and are in addition to HUAA dues. Please contact your regional representative or club for more information.

Click here for the online HUAA membership form.
Class of 2017, complimentary 1-year HUAA membership.
Registration for 2017 will be available shortly after the start of the new fiscal year, July 1, 2017.

For more information contact the Department of Alumni Relations
(202) 806-5857
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