Founders Walk

The Founders Walk Brick Paver Program provides the University family with an opportunity to help preserve Howard Hall's rich history, and become a permanent part of the University's legacy. Each brick laid along Founders Walk serves as a stellar example to future Bison of your pride in the University and your dedication to its future. The purchase of an engraved brick helps to endow the ongoing development and maintenance of Howard Hall, ensuring its existence for generations to come.

Howard Hall is the oldest existing building on the University's campus. Completed in 1869 as one of the first four buildings on campus, it was originally the home of General Oliver Otis Howard, Civil War Veteran and esteemed Founder of Howard University. The University purchased Howard Hall in 1909 after General Howard's death. And in 1974 Howard Hall was declared a National Historic Landmark. The sixteen room Victorian mansion, has served many purposes throughout the years. From a women's dormitory to a School of Music office, it was home to the University Senate, and occasionally used for class room space. In 1998 restoration was completed and Howard Hall was dedicated as the University's National Alumni Center.

Important Founders Walk Information:

  1. Full cost of the brick is tax deductible;
  2. You may request your brick be placed next to someone else's, as long as they are ordered at the same time;
  3. Groups and organizations may purchase blocks of bricks together; and,
  4. Bricks may be purchased in honor or in memoriam of other individuals, or as gifts - Howard University reserves the right of refusal for messages deemed inappropriate.
To purchase a brick, please go to: Founders Walk Brick Paver Program.
(202) 806-5857